What does “white label” mean?
White label, also known as private label, means we make the software, host it, handle back up and everything to do with providing a great product. We replace our logo – and every other trace of our company – with yours. The product appears to be of your making. You market and sell the software as a service (annual or monthly subscription) to your existing and new customers and provide them with support.

How much will my customers pay for the software?
You’re free to charge whatever prices are appropriate for your customer base. We’ll help you set pricing and charge you directly for each account that is activated. Prices range from a few hundred dollars per month to many thousands of dollars per month depending on the size and needs of the customer. Our software is currently used by multi-billion dollar global enterprises and companies with as few as one or two employees. Marketing automation offers benefits to companies of all sizes.

What kind of support can I expect?
You will provide support directly to your customers. We will provide training and support to your designated team members. All support is provided by full time Net-Results employees and is never outsourced. Phone support hours are approximately 7:30 am to 6:00 pm Mountain time (GMT -7). After hours and weekend support is accessible by emailing support@Net-Results.com. We’re happy to Skype with you early or late and have successful partners on 5 continents.

What aspects of the marketing automation software are private labeled?
Everything about the product is private labeled with no trace of Net-Results (our company, the fine people who make this product) appearing within the system. This includes:

  • All screens within the product itself. Your logo appears on all pages
  • Support email address and phone number displayed within the system
  • All Alerts, Reports, etc. that may be sent to your customers are branded with your company’s name, logo, and support contact information. Even the email address from which the emails arrive will be a legitimate email address for your company.
  • The URL (web address) at which the product is hosted
  • The URL and appearance of the login page
  • The URL and content within the product support/help documentation (including all product images)
  • The URL of the API (if you don’t know what an API is then you don’t need it, no worries)
  • We offer an (optional) automated billing system for your use that is also fully white labeled from the invoices/statements your customers receive via email to the way charges appear on their credit card statement.

Can I choose which features to offer my customers?
To a large degree, yes. The product makes use of what we call “profiles” that determine which areas of the system are visible to users of a given account.

How will my customers be billed?
That’s up to you. We offer an (optional) automated billing system for your use that is also fully white labeled. This means that the invoices/statements your customers receive via email – even the way charges appear on their credit card statement – will reflect your company’s identity. Our automated billing system is capable of charging credit cards (Amex, Visa, Mastercard) or generating invoices. Billing intervals may be set on a per customer basis with options including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual billing cycles.

Who is Net-Results Marketing Automation?
Net-Results is a leading provider of marketing automation software with customers and partners on five continents. Headquartered in Golden, CO, USA, Net-Results was founded in 2003 by Michael Ward. Mr. Ward remains the CEO and visionary leader of Net-Results today.

Is there a fee to become a white label partner of Net-Results?
Yes. The process of getting a new white label partner up and running requires skilled resources. We charge a fee to both cover those costs and to ensure that our time is well spent with serious partners.

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